Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships

The Impact of EISA on Residential A-Lamps Report


As part of its Market Lift project, NEEP requested that D&R investigate the nature and extent of the impact of the first wave of EISA standards on sales and installation of residential A-lamps. EISA regulations went into effect for the 1,490-2,600 lumen bin, restricting manufacture and import of 100W incandescent lamps, in 2012, and for the 1,050-1,498 lumen bin, restricting manufacture and import of 75W incandescents, in 2013. To assess the impact of these restrictions, D&R constructed a computational model of the interaction between lighting sales and the installed base of residential lighting. Models for the state, regional (Northeast), and national level provide an understanding of how the effects of EISA differed among them. In addition, incentivized sales data allowed D&R to compare the number of products incentivized to estimated product sales. The goal of this study was to give program administrators a snapshot of the market, a sense of how quickly and in what ways the market was shifting, and an understanding of the need for continued incentives for efficient A-lamps.

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Residential Market Lift